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    Shikai, Bankai, Lanza, Kraft, Fullbring Guide


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    Shikai, Bankai, Lanza, Kraft, Fullbring Guide Empty Shikai, Bankai, Lanza, Kraft, Fullbring Guide

    Post  Techno Sun Nov 18, 2012 5:42 pm

    Shikai List  
    Getsuga, Heal, Drain, Gravity, Blood, Illusion, DemonFocus, Frost, Cricket, Catfish, Area, QuickSword, Fire, Toxin.

    Bankai List 
    Speed, Blind, Power, Ice, Poison

    Kraft List
    Lacewing, Katydid, Spider, Fireant, Cimicid, Crawler,Slug

    Lanza list
    Eater, Bull, Panther, Shark, Bat, Wolf, Nothingness

    Fullbring list
    Super Strength, Getsuga

    Effects List

    Getsuga, A very unique skill that is affected by Bankai and Vizard mask. Bankai changes it to the stronger Kuroi, mask removes the delay when firing it.
    Master it by using Getsuga Tenshou.

    Unmastered shoots a 1 tiled blast.

    Mastered shoots a 3 tiled blast.

    Heal, Once one of the most hated Shikai, some changes made it much more versetile. A HUD gauge shows how much "healed" damage has been absorbed, and can be clicked to switch between healing and cutting damage. However, this empties and wastes the heal gauge. Once this healing gauge is filled, a massive strike is unleashed and slashes do damage again! Very high damage potential when released.

    UnmasteredCuts to heal. Charge up healed damage to unleash a brutal strike. Cuts to damage after unleashed.

    Mastered: Half as much damage required for unleashing damage, damage x5.

    Master it by slashing and healing or doing damage. Can be used to gain zanjutsu when using it for healing.

    Drain, Drains a targets health.

    Unmastered: Drain some of the damage dealt to heal yourself.

    Mastered: Drain all of damage dealt to heal yourself. +30% zan boost.

    Master it by slashing people or NPCs with Shikai on.

    Gravity, slows down a opponet with each hit.

    Unmastered: strikes slow the victim to half normal speed. Does not stack

    Mastered: Each strike slows the victim by half; stacks to roughly 30x slower.

    Master it by slashing people or NPCs with Shikai on.

    Blood, a unusual shikai that bases itself on the users HP.

    Master it by using Nake repetitively.

    Nake - It fires a wave of red reiatsu that uses (1/12th, unmastered) or (1/20th, mastered) of the user's maximum health.
    Chigasumi no Tate - It creates a red shield of reiatsu with 1/10th of the user's health. It lasts one minute or until it is broken through force.

    Unmastered: Gains Nake

    Mastered: Gains Chigasumi no Tate.Reduces Nake's usage to 1/20th of the user's maximum health and turns it into a piercing wave.

    Illusion, Used to Manipulate others sense. Making sneak attacks even more sneaky

    Unmastered: Fake a suicide to those around you; turn invisible. Eventually can simply go invisible for a about 5-10 seconds.

    Mastered: Includes above. Make people think they died (Gives a fake Re-spawn screen, but they're still at the same place and can move). Eventually can create a doppelganger.

    Master it by using "Fake Death"

    DemonFocus, a shikai that gives you a bonus to your kidou. Binding and shooting at your opponent from a safe range might be your fighting style with this shikai, but the bonus on your Zanjutsu makes you also a formidable opponent in close combat.

    You fire a red energy ball from the tip of your blade, that does damage to your opponents, depending on your melee strength.

    Unmastered: Melee gains 1/5th Reiatsu for damage calculation.
    Gives +25% boost to Kidou effects
    'Hajike' projectile attack deals half melee damage with 20 sec cooldown.

    Mastered: Kidou boost up to +50%.
    Hajike does full melee damage.
    Master it by using Hajike or hit opponents with your sword.

    Frost, a pure white zanpankto that can freeze nearly anything solid.

    Unmastered: Gives First Dance (Some no Mai): Tsukishiro. Freezes a target in ice that melts piece by piece. At most 6 sec each piece, at least 1/2 sec each.Melt rate based on same principles as bindings; user's reiatsu against the victim's reiatsu and hakuda. Also gives Second Dance (Tsugi no Mai): Hakuren. Creates an ice trail in front of the user that does damage and freezes people in the same manner as Tsukishiro.

    Mastered: Tsukishiro has double the target distance and half the cost. Hakuren has half the cost. Gives Third Dance (San no Mai): Shirafune. Creates a frosty layer of ice on the blade that can cause a freeze effect upon each slash. (Random chance.)

    Master it by using the "Dances"

    Cricket, a tricky shikai that puts any enemies near to sleep when activated.

    Unmastered: Gives Issei and Benihiko commands. Issei is short-range area freeze with a short duration. Benihiko creates a red ring that shoots out a small random number of sword barrages before vanishing.

    Mastered: Issei has half the cost and cooldown. Benihiko has double the possible barrages, higher cooldown, and spawns 2-3 red rings instead.

    Master it by using Issei and Benihiko commands.

    Quake: A long ranged 1 tile attack.
    Rock Cage: A bind that does damage to the opponent.

    Unmastered: Zan +15%

    Mastered: Zan +30%

    Master by using Rock Cage and Quake.

    Area, a shikai that allows you to hit your Opponents from greater distance, and serves as a great offensive ability that enables you to stay in a safe distance from your opponent. 

    Increased Range

    Master by hitting opponents with your sword.

    Unmastered: You can hit one target from a distance of a few tiles.

    Mastered: You slashes hit all enemies in a certain range.

    QuickSword, known as a stamina-drainer. If you're not careful about your stamina you'll be vulnerable to attacks.

    Unmastered: Attacks 6x faster than normal attack; temporarily doubles your accuracy for the moment of attack.

    Mastered: Three short-range windcutter blades are fired in quick succession with each attack. Damage is zanjutsu based.

    Master it by slashing people or NPCs with Shikai on.

    Fire, a zanpaktou coated in fire.

    Unmastered: Attacks have a 30% to burn opponents.

    Mastered: Possible AOE when activated, 20% for aoe when attacking and 55% to burn opponents.

    Master it by slashing people or activating it.

    Toxin, a nasty sword that's abilities shouldn't be played with.

    Unmastered: 20% to poison and 10% to paralyze a opponent.

    Mastered: 40% to poison and 25% to paralyses a opponent it can also control an opponent depending on 
    the toxin released.

    Master it by slashing people or NPCs with Shikai on.

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