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    Guide to Classes


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    Guide to Classes Empty Guide to Classes

    Post  Techno Sun Nov 18, 2012 5:22 pm

    Classes Guide

    Quincy, Level 40, 50 Hollow kills. Talk to Ryuuken in the Hospital to enter the training room.

    Shinigami, 50 Reiatsu, 20 Hollow kills. Talk to Hisagi in the SS Academy.

    Arrancar, Menos form or greater, 195,678 Health, 110,560 Stamina, 6,180 Reiatsu. Talk to Aizen in Las Noches.

    Vizard, Hgene-Secret Reqs.

    Raincyr, Hgene-Secret Reqs.

    Fullbringer, 1 hollow kill and at least 5 encounters with a Hollow above the level of "Menos".

    Human, N/A

    Soul, N/A

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